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Could certainly use a map generator as well or something similar. Otherwise, something like this is surely to become fascinating in the right hands.

I swear on pylon mode orange wins every time.

nah, i only did one match, but blue won it. (it was close tho)

So, where is this game going, what do you want it to become? its an interesting project!

hey your game is really cool ^^ 

simple but, fun

The game was really fun..The soundtrack was upbeat and it made me feel invincible as I took down the orange team Also for some future ideas...why not add more units as well as a campaign for more play time.

Thank you for the video it was awesome! You are on spot with the ideas, a Challenge mode and unit classes are being released in the next update. Optimization will also be  a priority.

more class...ooooh excited

i like the Soundtrack!


love the concept, but i tink you should have more player interaction, like maybe a upgrade system, or maybe you can unlock new and better AI, or just make the ones ou have better. Wish you luck

Thanks for the advice! Don't worry, more features are in the works.

Really good fun, i'd love to see more of it. I liked the style of the bots and its very clever how  each one is different. I make videos of games I like on Itch, I included your game this week I hope you don't mind. Thanks again!

I'm glad to hear you had fun with the game. Thank you for including it in your video. I really liked your presentation style, I hope your channel grows!

Thankyou and thanks again for making a great game!